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Our What

There is a distinction between one’s financial assets and one’s core assets. When we talk about financial assets we’re referring to the dollars and cents; the cash, investments, and property that make up the common concept of wealth. When we talk about core assets, we’re referring to personal health, well-being, and talents that you would want to pass on to your children or society at large – all of which are defined and guided by your personal values. Core assets represent the true wealth, not just the monetary wealth.  Core assets are the things that make you who you really are. Our primary objective is to ensure your financial plan reflects your goals and objectives and provides you the clarity, confidence and capability to make great decisions and become a great steward of your total wealth.

Financial Assets

Identify and take inventory of all your financial assets – investments, real estate, business interests, notes, loans, etc.

Core Assets

The things you value most – family, health, spirituality, values, happiness, ethics, heritage and wellbeing. Doing what you love even if no one paid you.

Experience Assets

Formal and experiential education, positive and negative experiences, your reputation, skills, methods, ideas, and traditions. What might benefit others and allow them to progress further by learning from what you already know or have experienced?

Contribution Assets

Taxes and charitable contributions. Redirecting tax dollars back into society to resume control on behalf of causes we care about and want to support. The ability to control and guide the flow of your money into societal programs is a major reason why our clients choose to work with us. You face the choice of either doing nothing and paying more in taxes or proactively giving to self-directed causes.