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De Groote Financial

Built on integrity
Grown on trust

Character matters. In addition, the regulatory bodies we are required to satisfy by law, we are most importantly accountable to our clients. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have cultivated with multiple generations of clients. You are our most valuable asset and the very partnership is built on integrity and grown on trust. We strive to be great Stewards in all we do for the families we serve.

Customized Solutions

Our wealth management strategies are as unique as you are.

Our process is designed to evolve with your changing objectives and needs. When life changes, we are prepared to help you navigate through whatever life throws your way, from wealth building and tax strategies to retirement and wealth transfer.

Business Expertise

We are qualified to guide you through every financial step of your career.

We specialize in the complex financial needs of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding, or looking to cash out, our team of experienced advisors can help you navigate even your most complex financial issues. Our expertise includes business exit strategies that minimize tax consequences and maximize gains from liquidity events.

Risk Management

Rigorous risk management gives you piece of mind.

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. We work just as hard to protect those assets. Our disciplined planning process is designed to help minimize risk and accomplish your goals with the least amount of volatility. “Risk” is often characterized by the financial industry as “risk tolerance.” We believe that understanding one’s risk tolerance is important but even more important is your capacity to endure risk. There are many different forms of risk, and we will work tirelessly to minimize those threats to your financial well-being.


You will always know what’s going on.

Our state-of-the-art online technology helps you stay on top of your whole financial life. You can log in at any time and from any place to view your daily positions, monitor your financial and estate plans, access important documents, and get status updates in near real time. (There is always a time delay between the momentary status of the markets and what is displayed on websites.) We also offer remote collaboration software, so you can communicate with us even if you’re on different sides of the globe.


A professionally prepared Stewardship Executive Summary (SES) will track your progress and will provide continuity from one year to the next. The Stewardship Executive Summary will also help to prevent misunderstandings, as it clearly defines our relationship and all recommendations.

It's Collaborative

We are here to provide advice, guidance, scrutiny and oversight for every aspect of your financial circumstances. The Stewardship Executive Summary (SES) will be our agenda for all our advisory meetings and will be updated as needed.

Your participation in the implementation of your SES is essential. Full and timely disclosure of your financial situation enables us to make accurate recommendations.

In addition, the SES will help us coordinate the efforts of other professionals (accountants, lawyers, etc.) that we choose to consult as part of the wealth management process.

The SES is a valuable tool in communicating your situation to concerned and relevant family members.

Jeannie Ewing-Nicholson

Operations Manager

Jeannie started her career in the Financial Services industry in 1994 with Oppenheimer & Company. As part of the De Groote Financial Group, Jeannie is responsible for the operational needs of the firm including cash management and account administration. With her upbeat attitude and attention to detail, Jeannie provides an efficient streamlines experience to ensure clients meet their goals. Jeannie enjoys travel, outdoor activities, Pilates, and is a football and basketball fan. She resides in Westlake Village with her husband, daughter and son.

Mary-Ellen Lykken

Executive Assistant

Mary-Ellen, Executive Assistant at DFG, keeps the office running smoothly by providing administrative support and assisting with scheduling and organization. With a background in human resource and office management, Mary-Ellen comes from the non-profit and services industries.

Outside of the office, Mary-Ellen is committed to the advancement of independence and productivity for those with disabilities. By telling her story of the challenges and joys of raising a child with complicated disabilities, she hopes to help others navigate similar circumstances.

She is happiest when visiting her two grown sons. Otherwise, you can find her competing on the pickleball courts.

Sara Mariniello

Operations Manager

Sara is new to the financial industry only starting in 2022 when she was hired at De Groote Financial. As Operations Manager, Sara is responsible for all the paperwork surrounding opening accounts and investment paperwork and is also responsible for much of the client communication. Sara has her bachelor’s in science and nursing from Concordia University, Texas and worked as nurse for over a year prior to moving back to California. She loves all things sports and church related and is likely spending every free moment with her Husband visiting family in Texas and New Jersey.

Fadi Ahmed

Chief Operations Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Fadi works with clients to ensure an exceptional experience. He coordinates and assures the planning process and wealth management tools are at your fingertips to provide the clarity you deserve and the transparency and access to all your accounts. Fadi ensures the data and information is reflective in our planning software. All changes and updates flow through his desk and he coordinates those changes with the rest of our team.

Andrew Krout

Wealth Advisor, Co-Chief Investment Officer

Andrew Krout is a Wealth Advisor at De Groote Financial Group, LLC. He also serves as a Co-Chief Investment Officer for the firm, focused on wealth management.

Previously, Andrew served as CIO with Kelly Financial in Boston Massachusetts since 2013. He is a licensed investment advisor representative and insurance producer. He graduated from Saint Francis University with a bachelor’s degree in both finance and accounting. He is a candidate for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. Andrew holds life insurance licenses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Andrew is passionate about serving his clients and investment management and how to apply news and current events to investment decisions. He played Division 1 golf in college, and still enjoys playing and watching the sport in his free time.

David Darst

Co-Chief Information Officer

David Martin Darst, CFA is an Investment Advisor to DeGroote Financial Group, specializing in asset allocation and product selection. Previously, David served for 17 years as a Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, with the responsibility for Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy. He joined Morgan Stanley in 1996 from Goldman Sachs, where he held Senior Management Posts within the Equities Division and earlier, for six years as Resident Manager of their Private Bank in Zurich.

David is the author of 13 books, including bestsellers The Art of Asset Allocation, 2nd Edition (McGraw-Hill), and The Little Book that Still Saves Your Assets (John Wiley & Sons). He also appears as a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX, PBS, and others, and has contributed articles across a variety of publications.

David graduated with a BA in Economics from Yale University, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He has lectured extensively at Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD, and New York University Business Schools, and for nine years, David served as a visiting member at Yale College, Yale School of Management, and Harvard Business School. He is a CFA Charterholder and a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the CFA Institute. 

Doug De Groote

Managing Director

Doug is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) with an MBA in Financial Planning, and is an active member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Before establishing De Groote Financial Group, Doug founded the United Wealth Management division of United Capital. Prior to that, Doug was a partner at Crowell, Weedon and Co. He regularly contributes to a variety of financial and general media.

Doug’s passion, and what he believes, is that everyone deserves the opportunity; they deserve to have the freedom and responsibility to be pro-active in achieving independence and financial success.

Doug’s life is focused around his family, wife and three children, and making sure they get the foundation that is necessary for them to have the awareness of the opportunities that abound in our great country.

Doug helps increase his client’s awareness and success, to identify and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves and help protect them from some of the pitfalls or obstacles that are thrown in our paths. With regards to their financial circumstances, Doug helps his clients identify their goals, plan for various outcomes and manage their assets to help them make their vision a reality.