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Business Owners

De Groote Financial Group specializes in the wealth management needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. Whatever stage your business is in—from launching a new startup to planning your exit—we can help you develop a strategy to maximize the value of both your business and investment assets.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the majority of your wealth is currently tied up in your business. It’s your most important financial resource, and it should be managed as such. We are well versed in the risk profile you have as an entrepreneur and can help you manage and diversify your risk exposure to achieve long-term investment goals while still protecting your hard earned assets.


At De Groote Financial, we help you protect and grow your business as an asset in your portfolio. As your trusted advisor, we can help you plan early on how to efficiently transition the ownership of your business so, when the time comes, you’re able to extract the maximum value from your business and seamlessly transition into the next phase of your life.



How do I know how much, when, who and how?

Every business owner is faced with several questions whenever they ponder the future.

How much will I need?

When is the best time?

Who is the right fit for the company?

How do I do this?