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Client Demographics


  • Average age: 51, ranging from 36 to 74
  • Key Issues: Stock Options and Grants, Benefits, Pension, Profit Sharing, Retirement Planning, Wealth transfer and Estate Planning, Risk Management, Investment Diversification, Cash Flow Management, Education, Charitable Causes and Taxes

Business Owners

  • Average age: 57, ranging from 29 to 86
  • Key Issues: Business Succession, Cash Flow management, Risk Management, Benefit Plans, Retirement Plans, Profit Sharing, Diversification, Taxes, Corporate Structure, Business Valuation, Liquidity, Partners and or Key Employees, Banking, Charitable Concerns
  • How Much, When, Who and How: Business Valuation, How Much Will I Need, When, Who, How, Investment Banking

Professionals and Consultants

  • Average Age: 54, ranging from 38 to 66
  • Key Issues: Retirement Planning, Transition (clients, practice, staff), Cash Flow Management, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Taxes, Diversification, Financial Complexity – Often wearing multiple hats.


  • Average Age: 74, ranging from 52 to passing
  • Key Issues: Cash Flow Management, Investment Diversification, Taxes, Estate Planning, Transfer of Assets Now and at Passing, Gifting, Children and Grand Children, Titling of Assets, Health, Long-Term Care Issues, Medical, Simplicity, Safety Net