Stewardship Financial Planning Process

Through our Stewardship Financial Planning Process, we gain insight into our client’s unique values and preferences for money and philanthropy.

We provide a comprehensive, customized financial plan that integrates, tracks, and optimizes wealth.

Our Stewardship Process focuses on helping clients live a prosperous life and creating value in all that they do.

By providing clients with the needed clarity in their financial lives, they are in a better position to focus on their causes and concerns. And they are in a better position to recognize and capture future opportunities.

Working together with our clients, the Stewardship Planning Process puts us in a position to navigate the complex dimensions of our client’s financial lives.

We cut through the noise to focus on what really matters and to make sure our clients’ financial lives are in sync with their core values.

The Stewardship Planning Process helps the families we serve create clarity, confidence and the capabilities that are crucial in helping them become great stewards of all their wealth.

In the book, The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck defines unique ability as cathexis, a state in which we “cathect,” or break down the walls between ourselves and the thing we love to do or the person with whom we love to be.

No matter how old you are or what stage in life you are in, our focus is on helping you discover a greater future. Whether it’s starting a business, transitioning that business to a family member or employees or selling it. Starting a family or dreaming of a future for your grandchildren and their children. The next day should be filled with opportunities to do it better than the day before. No matter what the task is, when you live your life doing what you love and are confident in your capabilities, you are thriving.

The Stewardship Executive Summary (SES) is an important document that summarizes your current financial circumstances:

  • Your Family
  • Professional Advisors
  • Goals
  • Strategies to achieve your goals
  • Approach to fulfilling on these strategies

Stewardship Executive Summary (SES) FAQs

  • The SES is a working document that is kept up to date, and is modified as your financial situation evolves.

  • The SES provides a summary of what we have done in the past, what we are currently working on, and what needs to be addressed in the future.

  • This working document is designed to provide a clear and precise summary of every aspect of your personal wealth management process.